How to win in tennis betting online

Tennis is one of the top sports disciplines added by the bookmaker to the line. The margin for tennis matches is usually quite low, in the range of 4-5%, so the sport is popular both among newcomers to betting and among professional cappers who go in pairs with certain strategies. Many tennis bet strategies are tied to games. How to put it this way, and what should the player consider when make a tennis bet? The main tennis term that came from the English language. Translated from English as "game". In tennis, a game is called a draw of one serve.The game can be won with four successful draws, and the points are strangely enough - 15: 0, 30: 0, 40: 0 and winning the game - such a calculation has developed historically and still causes controversy among tennis fans and connoisseurs.

Calculation of tennis bets games

Why do bettors like betting on games so much? They are calculated instantly, so experienced cappers will be able to conclude dozens of such establishments per game. Even if not all pass, if successful in more than 50% of cases, the result will be successful for the capper. As soon as the game is played, the bet is calculated immediately, usually the games are played in tennis for about 5-7 minutes, but there are long draws lasting more than 10-15 minutes. There will be 18 to 39 games in a two-set match, and the maximum number is almost unlimited in five-set games. History remembers the confrontation where tennis players competed in 185 draws, not an exhibition match but a real tournament (Wimbledon). Just imagine - cappers could make more than 200 bets on such a match live, predicting different situations.
When betting in each game, the capper has the opportunity to apply compensatory strategies. For example, the bet in the first game did not play, the second is a bet "catch up", when the amount is twice as high.

Betting tennis strategies work

Tennis is an eventful sport in which the intrigue lasts until the end, because one set won, and sometimes a victory in two games does not mean anything, so cappers are given a wide range of opportunities. Odds and totals, bets on games or networks. However, professionals understand that it is better to follow certain tennis bet strategies to be in the black at a distance.